Andy Flowers

by xXXX(?)XXXx

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released November 18, 2014

Thanks to all my friends and family, you all are my sunshine.

Track 2 additional vox: Thanks to Daphne Taranto, Neil Sanzgiri, and Jake Lazovick
Track 3: thanks to Gabbi Grill for letting me record the drum track in your reverb dungeon/bedroom
Tracks 3 and 5 Mandolin: thank you, Caeli Carr-Potter
Track 5 additional vox: thank you, Sydney Spann



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xXXX(?)XXXx Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: It's Spring Time
Wake up
i saw a seagull
from my

i guess that
it's spring time
i'm inclined

to clean my room
and stuff
out with the bad
and in with the new
Track Name: See So Clearly
bet you can see so clearly
through the lines
that i
marked on your foggy car window
with my hands
i got the tendency to leave
my mark wherever i go

bet you can feel so weary
from your week
ya flew back home
you came back home
now i bet your losing
a lot of sleep
you gotta stay on top of your shit
Track Name: Sour Flower
pick and chew this flower even though i know the taste is sour
sour acid rain, cloudy yellow tangy days
you wish you could see like a state
i want to sometimes pretend its night
i hear its sometimes good to be inside out
should we get another turtle?
or should i continue to neglect the meal worms in my fridge
they hibernate and await, preserve themselves for doom
Track Name: In the Pines
in the pines, in the pines
where the sun don't shine
you would shiver when the cold wind blows

my girl, my girl tell the truth
where did you sleep last night?

in the pines, in the pines
where the sun never shines
i would shiver when the cold wind blows

my husband was a rail road man
killed a mile and a half from here
his head was found in a drivers wheel
and his body hasn't ever been found

my girl, my girl where will you go?
i'm going where the cold winds blow
Track Name: Soothesayer
It's okay to know i'm better at writing songs after i've had some wine
as long as i've got the drive to do what i do as a means to justify why i get out of bed.
get in the car at one in the morning, set sail for Longport where i can stand around and watch the tides come in and out.

the soothesayer says go to bed
the soothesayer says get out of here
the soothesayer say don't worry about it, forget about it, don't think about
the soothesayer says don't let it become a burden
the soothesayer will try, don't let him convince you into giving up
the soothe sayer says don't worry about it. don't.